We would like to wish all our customers, donators and volunteers a very Happy New Year.

Forget Me Not presentation November 2022
Forget Me Not presentation November 2022

Making a Difference have had an extremely busy time this past year, with plenty of donations coming in and we have been able to donate to a number of humanitarian charities:

Last month we were able to donate to Forget Me Not who give respite to people caring for loved ones. They are a deserving cause and we were happy to contribute to them.

One of our volunteers recommended to us another local charity who we are able to help; Restored to Hope who help a number of homeless people in the area. They are putting together ‘Bags of Hope’, with items that are needed for day-to-day living. We are able to assist with this by donating warm clothing, hats, scarves and blankets. 

Aspedem Presentation 2022 December
Aspedem Presentation 2022 December

We have distributed chocolates and food donated to us by customers of the Food Co to a local orphanage, ASPADEM children’s charity.

We have also supported Damien’s Collection at Costa Cálida Radio.

We also donated some beautiful baby clothes knitted for us by a local lady.

We have given cheques to ASPADEM Children’s Charity and to the Cavalli Horse Foundation who have a riding for disabled children’s project.

We have an ongoing project to donate food to Caritas for their food bank and we would like to thank Alen’s Supermarket on Camposol A for help with this.

We would like to thank Furniture Plus for their continued help by donating furniture that their customers have asked them to take away when purchasing new furniture from them. 

Finally, we would like to thank the lady who kindly donates 10€ every week to our charity. This is very much appreciated. 

We will continue to help the local community this year. We wish you all a Healthy and Happy 2023.

Thank you to everybody who makes this all possible.