We are starting this year in the knowledge that we have been able to help Make A Difference to many lives last year and are going into the New Year with a commitment to help many more with the projects we hope to achieve. 

Our last donation of 2019 was to the Hogarth de Infancia Orphanage where our donation of 1,000€ went to provide security door furniture for the doors within the orphanage so the children cannot catch their fingers in the heavy doors. 

All this would not be able to be achieved without the continued support of your donations of goods which we are able to sell in our shop in Puerto de Mazarrón which raises the funds to help those who are less fortunate in our area.

Our van is at the Camposol A car park every Tuesday from 10.30am-12pm for any donations you wish to contribute. Please call Terry on 603 389 006 if you wish us to pick up any donations from your house and please call Anne on 634 338 674 if you would like smaller items to be picked up any other time.

All our volunteers give their time and effort to accomplish our aims and we want to take this opportunity to thank them for their efforts throughout last year with the knowledge that with their continued support for the coming year we will be able to support many more people who come to us for help.

Happy New Year To You All