Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our supporters and volunteers.

We thank you for your support throughout 2021 and we hope to continue our quest to help Make A Difference to many more people in our area with your continued support. 

Last month we were able to donate 3,000€ to ASPADM. (See photo) Furniture Plus in Puerto de Mazarrón kindly added a further 500€ to this, so we would like to thank them for their generosity.  ASPADM are based in Puerto de Mazarrón and are a Spanish charity who help children and adults with disabilities and learning difficulties in our area. They organise social events and outings and offer practical help in the home for many people and families in our area. They have a social centre where a fantastic team of volunteers give support to a lot of families. 

We have also been able to donate 2,000€ to the CEIP Francisco Caparros School in Mazarrón for a large outdoor Work Project.

We have also pledged to donate 1,000€ worth of food every three months to the San José church in Puerto de Mazarrón for them to continue their Food Bank Project helping those in need in our area.

We are only able to support these projects which Make a Difference to so many people in our area because of your generosity in supporting us. We thank you on their behalf. We are looking forward to continuing our aim of Making a Difference in 2022.