Thank you!

As always a big thank you to everyone who has donated furniture, bric-a-brac, clothes, books etc and to all those that volunteer. 

In July we assisted with:

113 Appointments 

101 Translations

39 Drives to hospital

5 Loans of equipment

Can you spare a few hours a week, a month?

We urgently need more volunteers to help out in our shop in Totana, as Fundraisers and to man the Helpline. If you can spare any time, we desperately need more people to help in any capacity.  If you would like to help please phone 634 362 954, email or call into our Respite Home on Avenida de Los Covachos 278 on Camposol B2.


The last quiz and raffle for MABS at Rendezvous, Camposol A raised 121€, so a massive thank you to all who took part, the staff at Rendezvous and all those who bought a raffle ticket.  It makes a huge difference. The raffles will start again in September when things are cooler.

We will be having a Pop Up Sale on 18th September with a selection of goodies from our shop in Totana – high quality clothes and household equipment – at Mariano’s, Camposol A.

On 24th September we have The World Coffee Morning at the Respite Home, Camposol B, all in aid of Cancer Support.

Finally, situation allowing, the Race For Life will be on 31st October – entry forms available soon (hopefully). 

Check out MABS Mazarrón Facebook page for updates.

MABS van and the one armed cyclist….

I drive the van on Wednesdays and deliveries in Totana on market day is always interesting. (Who knew the van could breathe in on narrow streets!).

Me: “I’m not going down there. Find me a wider street.”

Paul: “You can make that.” 

Me: “Have you seen me drive?”

Apart from ridiculously narrow streets, hairpin corners and dreadful parking, we contend with our customers being out.  We load up, get there, ring the bell, phone and get nothing as they are in the market and can’t hear the phone!  Back to shop to unload!

The most ‘interesting’ recently was the ‘one armed cyclist’.  We had an address that we couldn’t find (nothing unusual there!). Paul, whose Spanish is infinitely better than mine, phones and we park up to wait as he is on his way. Five minutes later a ‘one armed cyclist’ flies into view peddling like a man possessed.  He gestures, with his one arm, that we should follow him. He takes off like the devil incarnate and we follow.

Me: “Blimey he’s going fast. I’m in danger of breaking the speed limit.” (60 kph).

We dash after him and eventually he takes his hand off the handlebar of his electric bike(!) at 60-70 kph and gesticulates wildly with his left arm that we need to turn right!  No idea how he didn’t fall off, but it was a sight to behold!


Furniture and larger items

Our van runs Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. 

Smaller items

We have donation ‘boxes’ for clothes, bric-a-brac, books etc. in Alley Palais, Camposol B, The Club House, Camposol C and our Respite Home.

If you can help, please phone 634 313 478 to arrange collection.

If you need help

Our Helpline number is 620 622 410

For more information