44 members of Los Reyes Golf and Fuente Old Guard Golf societies met at Condado for their Annual Challenge Competition.

A cold biting wind and deep rough was partly responsible for only 5 players scoring 30 or better points. A cold biting dip was the order of the day for Dave Meridith. Whilst trying to retrieve a ball from a lake, he slipped and ended waist deep in freezing water. Luckily he had a spare pair of waterproofs to wear whilst his trousers were hung out to dry on the back of his buggy!

Division winners for Los Reyes were Dave Hudson and Peter Roberts, and for Fuente Old Guard, Steve Martindale, Mick Shea and Peter Kirke.

Once the computerised results were released, it showed that the ‘Boys in Blue’ retained the challenge trophy by the narrowest margin of 7 points.

Los Reyes’ Open 2020 Competition is at La Requelme on January 13th. New members and guests; male or female, are welcome to join us.

As usual we thank our main sponsors Decklid Autos.