Well, we have certainly had a very hot August which was nice for all our visitors. Looking around you can see lots of people no doubt visiting friends and family here on Camposol. The bars have been busy on Camposol A and we have been holding our raffles at the bars, Cat’s, Tels and Rendezvous who have kindly allowed us to do this every Saturday except when other charities have a slot.  This has enabled us to top up our funds. We need to keep replenishing our funds in order to pay for our equipment, run our jeep and to pay for additional work to be carried out by outside contractors.

During the very hot weather, our Palm Troopers have taken a well-deserved break, but will resume their regular Monday mornings in September.  We kept ourLibrary open throughout August which is manned by our volunteers. Alan continues to maintain our Post Room keeping it clean and tidy and one of our volunteers continues emptying the bins every week in the Memorial Park which is used by the dog walkers.

While members of our community have lost family and friends over the years and have our deepest sympathy, I do feel we, as a group, need to give a special mention to the sad and recent passing of Linda Biggs. Those of you who have lived here on Camposol and in particular on Camposol A for some time will know of Linda, if not personally, then by name.  Over the years she has worked very hard liaising with the Town Hall in an endeavour to improve all of Camposol. She would attend meetings and due to being fluent in Spanish, she would keep everyone abreast of proposals regarding Camposol.  She will be sadly missed and we offer our sincere condolences to her family and friends.

We have had more work carried out by Pedro.  He has cut back the overgrown bushes on Calle Santiago De Compostilla so that people can walk on the footpath again.

It is nice to have the Market back on Camposol A on a Thursday morning. It attracts people from all over, not just Camposol.  Most people stop for a coffee and it gives the area a real ‘buzz’ on a Thursday.

We are always looking for more volunteers for our group, so if you have a few hours to spare why not come and join us?

We thank everyone for their continued support. You can contact us via the information above.