We are now into the middle of September and the temperatures have dropped, but we have continued to experience very warm humid weather. While most of us enjoy the summer weather it will be nice to have some cooler days now!

Our Palm Troopers are now back out regularly on a Monday morning trimming back the trees. Gerard continues with the mowing and his wife Daniella can be seen collecting the rubbish down Calle Madrid with her pick-up stick.

Our Library remained open during August and continues opening every Friday from 10am-12.30pm manned by our volunteers.  We have so many books that we will need to put in extra shelves to display them all! We are planning a general sorting out and tidy up when the weather cools down.

You will have noticed the renovation work carried out by CM Constructions to the side of Cat’s Bar. The area was becoming extremely dangerous where the tree roots were lifting the concrete. More than one person has been seen to trip up. This is an ‘open space’ used by everyone to cut across to the bars and shops. Our group is helping Cat’s Bar by assisting them with their raffle by going around the bars selling their tickets for them. Cat’s Bar held a fundraiser on Saturday 10th September when a considerable sum was raised to help pay for the repair work and another fundraiser is planned by Cat’s in the near future. 

As autumn draws in, we are looking to plan events for Christmas. While a long way off, the months go by so quickly that we need to get organised. We will post details of these events soon.

We thank everyone for their continued support, without which we could not continue with the work we do. We are always looking for new members with a few hours to spare, so if you have some spare time, you will be most welcome.

We can be contacted via the information above.