We are now well into Autumn and with the cooler weather our volunteers are finding it much easier to work. The Palm Troopers are out regularly on a Monday morning trimming the trees and maintaining the park areas. Unfortunately, we are noticeably short of ‘working members’ which means we have to employ people to carry out some of the work.  We have been lucky this year in that we have been able to hold our raffles at the Saturday music nights. We are grateful to Cat’s Bar, Tel’s Bar and Rendezvous for letting us hold our Raffles at their bars to raise money. Over the summer months we have raised a total profit of 2602€. We are grateful to everyone who supported our Raffles as this enables us to maintain our vehicle and pay for the equipment and tools we need. 

We also used some of our funds to pay Pedro to deal with the weeds and cut back areas which were too much for our volunteers.

I have mentioned in a previous issue how Steve Horne started our group many years ago. While clearing out some old paperwork I came across the notes of the very first meeting which took place approximately 20 years ago. The first paragraph I think is interesting and shows the commitment at that time. It reads:-

“A meeting took place at 10,00 on April 5th to organise groups of volunteers into Zone Teams in order to create working groups of volunteers who will clean up and maintain the zones in which they live. Sector A has been divided into 7 Zones to break the larger area down to manageable zones. More than 60 volunteers attended the meeting which was an excellent turn out and demonstrated the commitment some of the residents of Sector A are prepared to make in order to contribute to the community in which they live. This is our home, and we can all make a difference!”

Unfortunately, our numbers have dwindled over the years, but our Volunteers do the best they can. As well as maintaining the garden areas, we have our Library, situated in the car park on Camposol A down from Rendezvous and it is open every Friday from 10am-12.30pm. Alan looks after the Post Room and fits and maintains the locks when needed. Our Volunteers also empty the bins in the Memorial Park and pick up the never-ending supply of rubbish which some people choose to just drop anywhere rather than look for a bin (of which there are plenty).

Following the death of our dear Queen Elizabeth II, The Royal British Legion made use of the Memorial Garden to hold a service in her memory.

If you have any spare time and would like to join our group, please contact us via the information above.