The weather is starting to heat up now and summer is on the way! The plants are starting to flower and Los Palacios and the surrounding campo are awash with colour. Unfortunately we get an increase in weed growth too, but you will see our volunteers out cleaning up the parks and streets and avenues of our wee bit of Paradise. You might even get a glimpse of a street cleaning vehicle!

We continue to trim the palms and pine trees and we ask all drivers to slow down and give The Palm Troopers and indeed all our volunteers, a bit of room when overtaking. Many thanks.
Our biggest project so far this year has been the ‘Ground Force’ event which took place on March 8th to help spruce up the garden of Danielle who is a young mum with terminal cancer living on Camposol. As well as ourselves, many of the local gardening groups, businesses and contractors, etc were delighted to be involved in this. Please see the photos of the work carried out.

The trip to Benidorm on 27th March was a resounding success thanks to Lorna and Pat. Please keep an eye out for future trips which will also be advertised here.

We are always looking for more volunteers and even one hour of your time each week is a great help. Contact myself or any volunteer on how you can help your local community gardening group. Also the Library ladies would appreciate any donations of jigsaws in particular as the stock is almost depleted.

Thank you for all your donations and support, especially on Thursdays at our bucket collections and Fridays at our libraries.

Keep up to date with all happenings and events on our Facebook page, Los Palacios Gardening and Community Group.