Over the past month our Volunteers have been out every week trimming the palm trees and the overgrown bushes; spraying  weed killer and weeding the park areas; sweeping the roads; cleaning the Post Room and emptying the bins in the Memorial Park.  Tony has also been concentrating on the Petanca court and surrounding area. Hopefully we will be able to use this again soon. 

We also had another ‘blitz’ when we all got together on a Sunday morning and concentrated on one area.  This was on 6th June when we concentrated our efforts on the central reservation from Marianos up to the Commercial Centre on Camposol A and the corner by the Fiesta Restaurant. We had a good turn out and I am sure you will have noticed the difference.

In order to pay for our equipment; for example the running costs for our vehicle and trailer which is needed to remove the garden waste; weed killer (which we have needed a lot of lately after all the rain last month!); rubbish bags when emptying the bins in the park, as well as other ancillary items, we are always thinking of ways to raise funds.  We are very grateful to Sue Pipe at The Diner who held a fundraiser evening for us on 19th May when the sum of 244.60€ was raised.

There are now regular music afternoons being held at Cat’s Bar on a Thursday, Friday Saturday and Sunday. Sara has kindly agreed to let us hold a raffle when we want to on these afternoons. We held our first one on 3rd June and made the sum of 60€. In addition we did a Bucket Sweep at Cat’s Bar, Tel’s Bar and Rendezvous and collected a further 56€. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

We are now doing our regular Thursday Bucket Collection at the top of the steps leading down to the Post Room on Camposol A for just one hour from 11am-12pm.

Our Library is open every Friday from 10am-12.30pm and it is nice to see our regulars coming week after week as well as new visitors.  This is manned by our lady Volunteers who alternate on a rota system.

If you wish to contact us, our email is lospalaciosgardening@icloud.com and we have a post box in the Post Room on Camposol A under number 915 Los Palacios Gardening Group.

We thank you all for your continued support.