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Well the summer is now upon us and its starting to heat up! Temperatures are rising and it’s pool time at last. After an hour or two gardening, collecting litter, cleaning streets and trimming trees the swimming pool is a welcome oasis.

We’ve been trying to keep the main thoroughfares and parks clean and tidy for our summer visitors and so far so good. Everything is looking good, apart from the unwelcome weeds at the kerbs, but we have sprayed and are hoping to see them dying off in the next week or so. The only complaint to date is that we need drivers to SLOW DOWN when passing volunteers working on the the streets. It would be most appreciated.

Currently we have been trimming the pine trees on Los Palacios as they make such a mess with the shedding of their needles and some overhanging bushes and trees from unoccupied properties. If you think your street hasn’t been cleaned recently, why don’t you and your neighbours join our Street Clean Campaign. For €5 per month (payable 3, 6 or 12 monthly) per household, we will ensure you street is clean and free from  weeds every 4 weeks. Contact Carl to arrange, or email me, Brian.

Our volunteers meet every Monday morning outside Tel’s Bar at 9.30am, so if you wish to join our happy little band you would be more than welcome. We’re a friendly bunch and very welcoming and are always looking for more helpers.

We wish to recognise a couple of volunteers who work tirelessly for our group. You may see them at the top of the steps every Thursday market day – they’re the Bucket Boys, Dave and Robert. They are there no matter what the weather and gratefully take your donations which help to keep our little bit of Camposol looking clean and tidy. We thank you for all your donations and support.

Check out Cat’s and Tel’s Bar for the summer music timetable. The Saturday music nights are another way to donate to the various charities on Camposol and have a good time into the bargain. We also hold a raffle for group funds.

Keep up to date with all happenings and events on our Facebook page, Los Palacios Gardening and Community Group.