Things are getting back to business as usual after the lifting of the State of Emergency in June, since which we have been very busy and are following the ‘new normal’ rules with regards to the wearing of masks and social distancing.

We have lots of new ideas to improve your environment:

We have drawn up plans for new planting in the various parks on Los Palacios, but in order to deliver these improvements we need funds; therefore all your kind donations into our Library, Bucket Collections and Raffles are gratefully received.

We have installed CCTV at the Library which has now re-opened and the Bucket Collections have resumed. Thank you to everyone who donates.

One of the things you may have noticed is the new solar light over the steps by the Correos building and the Post Room itself has been painted inside and out by our volunteers. Alan Hannaford is taking good care of the maintenance of the building.

Mercers have stepped in as our new sponsors and we will soon be proudly displaying their logo on our bright yellow T-Shirts. Thank you Mercers!

Blitzes have been carried out on both the People’s and Memorial Parks and more memorial plaques have been placed in the Remembrance Garden. It was quite a task for our team of volunteers to sort the Memorial Park after 12 weeks of lockdown growth, but we did it followed by a BBQ for everyone who helped, I’m sure you will agree that they have done a fantastic job.

Our next blitz is in September. Bernie from Retro will entertain us at our ‘after’ BBQ and anyone who wishes to join in will be made most welcome.

The pathways on Calles Santiago and Burgos have now been cleared.

Palms are being pruned along Avenida Saladillo past Mariano’s and at the foot of the red bridge up Calle Madrid to the roundabout at the blue bridge.

Weed spraying for the whole of Los Palacios has been resumed.

Mark from CM Constructions has recently made a generous donation towards the cost of our planting programme for Autumn, along with 2 bags of sand for the Petanca Court in the Memorial Garden. Thanks Mark!

Our first event since lockdown was held at the Vista Bar with Paul Pryce. There was a raffle and ‘Slide a Euro at the bottle of brandy’ game. Funds raised came to 145€. Thank you to everyone who attended and donated.