Well here we are, just over three-quarters of 2020 gone and what a year it has been! With lockdown and strict restrictions on what we can and cannot do, it has not been easy for any of us.

You will have seen the vast improvement of the park areas, which had deteriorated considerably during the complete lockdown. Our Volunteers have been out cutting back the bushes and weeding and we organized the cutting of the palms on the lower part of Calle Madrid (past Mariano’s towards the farmacia) and these are now looking good. Also the guys have been out sweeping up the pine needles which are abundant at this time of the year.

During lockdown, Alan Hannaford volunteered to man the Post Room. He also cleaned and sterilised it every day. Since the end of lockdown Alan has continued to clean the Post Room every weekend and I am sure you will agree he is doing a brilliant job.

Sadly we are still without our Thursday market. This brought a lot of people over to Los Palacios from the other sectors on Camposol and was a nice opportunity to meet up for a coffee and chat. I am sure many of you have missed ‘running the gauntlet’ past Rob with his bucket at the top of the steps!! He is now situated, together with another of our Volunteers, outside Tel’s Bar and we are grateful for any contributions.

Our library is now back to normal opening times after the summer, manned by our volunteers. We are open every Friday from 10am-12.30pm. We have a wide variety of books to choose from and are grateful to all of you who bring us books. This enables us to have a good circulation of reading material.

With all the current restrictions we have not been able to arrange any trips this year, nor have we had the benefit of the Saturday music nights, as in previous years when Cat’s & Tel’s kindly used to let us do our raffles which raised funds. This has obviously resulted in a considerable drop in our funding. We are therefore very grateful for your support in the bucket and library contributions.

We are always happy to welcome new members to our group, so if you have a few hours to spare per week/month please come and join us.