Well, here we are looking ahead into March. The year seems to be moving ahead at a rate of knots!  

Our group is continuing to maintain our area and keep the parks and public areas looking nice.  It is a lot for our volunteers to do, as Sector A covers a large area. We also maintain the garden area in front of the Medical Centre which always looks nice.

We have now re-commenced our monthly Blitz clean. This is when we all get together and concentrate on one area on a Sunday morning.  In February this was at the bottom of Peoples Park.  The group cut back trees, weeded and tidied the area up.  As with all our clean ups it generates a lot of waste which must be gathered up and transported to the green garden bins.  This is why we must have a jeep and trailer.  These take money to maintain and is why we are always having to look at ways to raise funds.  With the library takings and your contributions to our bucket collection this enables us to maintain our vehicle and purchase equipment and tools.  

At our AGM in January, we decided to set up a Social Committee within the group. As well as organizing fund raising events we want to arrange more social events both for group members and for everyone to join us socially. Given how successful our Christmas party turned out, which was hosted by the local bars on A, with Santa’s Grotto and music, we have plans to arrange more events during the year. We hope when these are advertised you will come and support us.

Two of our members, Brian and Angela, donated a table and bench for the new play area opposite the Medical Centre.  These were in situ but not fixed in safely.  We are very grateful to Mark at C & M who, free of charge, arranged for his guys to cement them in and make safe. 

Our library continues to open every Friday between 10am to 12.30pm. We have a group of our members on a rota to man this every week. We have a wide range of books, and with the donations received from you we always have a wide selection.

We thank you for your continued support.

If you wish to contact us, you can email at lospalaciosgardening@icloud.com and we have a mailbox in the post room on Camposol A under number 915