With COVID still a major concern, resulting in more restrictions being issued as and when considered necessary by the Government, there has not been a lot happening. However our Volunteers have been going out regularly – trimming trees, weeding and gardening and sweeping the roads in order to keep Los Palacios looking nice.

A big thank you to John Pellett, who has for years been responsible for disposing of nests of the processional caterpillars. This job has now been taken over by Tony Winter. These caterpillars are prevalent at this time of the year. You will probably have seen their nests, looking like fluffy balls of cotton wool in the trees. These caterpillars walk in procession and can be very dangerous for our pets. They can also cause a nasty rash on humans if you come into contact with them. If you see any nests whilst out and about please notify a member of our group or leave a message in our Garden Group Post Box. Tony will then dispose of them. Our new post box is situated in the Post Room on Los Palacios under number 915. Please leave any messages in the box and if you have any suggestions for the group please feel free to leave them in the post box. You can also contact us by email on Lospalaciousgardening@cloud.com

We were fortunate enough to have been able to have our annual Christmas Lunch, in December at the Vista Bar, (in between lockdowns!). We enjoyed a lovely meal and we were very lucky to have Paul Pryce present who kept the afternoon going with the raffle and games. It was a very enjoyable afternoon which cheered us all up and put us in the Christmas spirit.

Our Bucket Collectors will be out every Thursday outside Tel’s as usual 10am-12pm. In addition we are having a Bucket Collection outside the Farmacia on Fridays 10.30am-11.30am. This money is used to purchase equipment and pay for work necessary to keep Los Palacios looking nice.

Our library is open every Friday from 10am-12.30pm. We have a wide selection of books, so pop in and choose what you would like.

We thank everyone for their continued support.