I hope you’re all enjoying the summer weather. Although some might say it’s a little too hot now, mid-thirties is a tad warm! Nevertheless, our Volunteers continue to go out every week doing various jobs to keep our area looking nice.

Following on from last month when I mentioned the weeds in the Memorial Garden which were looking terrible, we have since then employed Pedro to clear these weeds and spray with weed killer which will hopefully keep them at bay throughout the summer months. This of course cost us money which comes out of our funds. We did however think it was worth the money and I am sure you will agree has much improved this area. It is after all the first area you see when driving on to Camposol from the motorway. We endeavour to keep this area as nice as we can to give a good impression to anyone coming on to Camposol.

How nice it is now to see all the bars busy. On Camposol A there is now music every Saturday night hosted by three of the bars there. They’re very kindly allowing our group to hold a raffle on most of the Saturdays. We are very grateful to them as this enables us to raise much needed funds. All money raised is used to purchase equipment, pay for work that we’re physically unable to do (considering the age of most of our volunteers!!), pay to maintain our truck and trailer and pay for weed killer etc. 

All money raised and spent is accounted for. Our Treasurer keeps excellent records of all monies coming in and going out and these figures are certified by an accountant at the end of the year. Our Group is registered in Madrid and complies fully with all rules and regulations.

Our library will continue to open throughout the summer, manned by our group of volunteers. It is open every Friday from 10am-12.30pm. There are two cabins situated in the car park on Camposol A (just below Rendezvous), so come along and choose a book to read while sitting on your sunbed, under a brolly of course!

We thank you for your continued support. You can contact us via the information above.