It is nice to report that things are continuing to improve with restrictions being eased. This has resulted in more people being able to get out and about and meet up with friends. I have heard of people on Camposol having received notification of their vaccine date, so things are certainly looking brighter.

Our Library is now open from 10am-12.30pm (which is back to its original times before lockdown).  During lockdown we took the opportunity to give the library a ‘spring clean’. All the books were taken out and tidied up and the shelves cleaned and sterilised. Extra shelving has now been put in the ‘female authors’ hut which was a bit cramped and a new light has been fitted.

On the gardening front, our regular band of Volunteers has been out doing their usual maintenance; weeding, trimming the trees and pruning, cleaning the roads and destroying the processional caterpillars.   Ken has planted a row of oleanders, which will soon grow to form a nice hedge in the Memorial Park

I would also add that there are a group of like-minded residents, who although are not actual members of our group, do a marvellous job in maintaining the areas close to their homes, particularly on the upper end of Barcelona which is kept looking lovely. Our group has provided financial assistance to several of these independent projects over the years when we have been able to, as it all helps in keeping our area looking nice.

Our Bucket Collection is now back on track on Thursdays outside Tel’s Bar from 10am-12pm. We are also having an additional Bucket Collection outside the Farmacia on a Friday from 11am-12pm in the hope of raising additional badly needed funds. While our Volunteers carry out the work for nothing, we do need money to finance the purchase of equipment etc. and also the running of our vehicle which is necessary for clearing rubbish and garden waste. We are grateful for all of your contributions.

If you wish to contact us, our email is and we have a post box in the post room on Camposol A under number 915 Los Palacios Gardening Group.

We thank you all for your continued support.