La Serena, the nearest course to our village and home to a number of the members of Los Nietos Golf Society, was the course of choice for our May game. As it is well known in all of Europe, there are famously (and irritatingly costly in lost balls!) 16 holes on the course that feature water!! On the day there were two extra prizes – The Bob Skuse Trophy – the individual player who lost the most balls in the water and the total number lost by all of the 32 players.

The sun shone and the wind was tamed. The course looked in fine fettle with the greens playing a little slower than usual and our brave souls were set up to teach this course a lesson in humility! Our thanks to all the staff at the club; they could not have been more helpful and courteous.

The format for the day was an Individual Stableford format.

Group 1-24 Handicap
Winner overall with a sensational score of 40 points was a truly inspired Pat Hurley playing off 15, but following the slice from the handicap secretaries’ scalpel this performance has cost him 4 shots!
Runner-up with a very creditable 39 was our secretary Mick Lockley who again felt the sharp side of the knife and his new handicap takes him to within one off single figures at 10.

Nearest the Pin
Hole 3 (h/c stroke index 1 over water) Iain Furniss
Hole 17 (again entirely over water) Alan McNicol

Longest Drive (one of the two holes without water!) Albert Thrupp

Group 25-36
Congratulations to another solid score of 38 points from an excellent round of golf by Ken Higgins (h/c 27.5)
Runners-up in this group were Clive Williams and Paul Ryan with scores of 34.

Nearest the Pin
Hole 9 – Mike Robbrechts
Hole 15 – Ken Higgins

Longest Drive on hole 7 was Colin Clarke

It was nice to see a number of new names up on the board. Well done all! Did we teach this course a lesson in humility? Quite a few of us did I suppose, but at a cost! The total number of balls lost by the 32 players was 143! The winner of the Bob Skuse Trophy (the founder member who won the trophy originally with a score exceeding 20!) was Albert Thrupp with a number of 15!

Our June date will see the return to Hacienda de Requelme, where our gladiators will once more be put to the test.

Our thanks to Captain Tim, Vice-Captain Darrell and Secretary Mick Lockley who work tirelessly to ensure that the day and evening run as smoothly as possible to maximise the members’ enjoyment.