The Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz or Andalusian Ratter

This breed has been likened to a Jack Russell Terrier. These brave dogs have a strong prey drive and were originally bred to keep vermin out of the cellars of wine merchants. Andaluz refers to Andalusia, from where   the breed originated, ‘Bodeguero’ is Spanish for wine cellar, whilst ‘ratonero’ means rat hunting. In the shelter they are referred to as Bods.

Ancestors were likely Smooth-Coated Fox Terriers, brought from England to Spain by British wine merchants around the 1800s. When merchants settled in Andalusia, their dogs came with them.

The Bod is a working dog with an athletic physique. They are small to medium-sized and have a short coat that lies flat to the body, mostly white, except for the head. The latter is adorned with a mask of black, brown or tan.  Some are born with naturally short tails. Controversially, those born with a full tail may be docked to about a quarter of their true length

The Bod is first and foremost a hunting dog, but that strong prey drive means the Bod can’t distinguish between vermin and a pet rabbit or cat and consideration should be given when introducing a Bod into a multi-pet household. However, these little guys really love kids and will follow them round like a shadow. Of course, children and dogs should always be supervised together (more often for the sake of the dog than the child).

Bods are an extremely active breed and need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation.  A bored Bod is liable to develop bad habits, such as barking, digging or destructive behaviours. This can make them a challenge to train for a less experienced owner. A combination of good socialisation as a puppy and reward-based training, go a long way to creating a responsive pet and they make for a delightful family member.

Chance – Cross BreedDOB approx 2019

Chance arrived at the shelter in a very poor state of health, very underweight and with many open wounds. Tests showed he had leishmania. He went to a foster home and has been on a course of medication which has worked better than anyone could have hoped. He is now a healthy playful boy. He is wary of any noise he hears when outside, but he interacts well with other dogs once he gets to know them. He walks well on the lead, is fully house trained and travels well in the car. He would make a very loving companion.

Hercules – Belgian Shepherd CrossDOB 22/08/2012

Hercules is a loveable big boy. He is very strong so would need someone with some experience, but he is a quick learner. Hercules walks well with female dogs and some male dogs (at a little distance).He is a vocal dog, but this is purely out of excitement. In no way are his barks aggression. He loves a cuddle and a tickle behind the ears.


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