This is a subject close to my heart, having recently experienced it. I didn’t know how it was done, what to expect before, during and after. When it’s time to say goodbye…..

It’s hard to know when the time is right to humanely end your dog’s pain and suffering and choose to put them down.

Euthanasia in animals is intended to end life when a pet is suffering and there is little or no hope of recovery. The decision of whether or not to euthanise can be a very difficult one to make. Your veterinarian will help guide you. Ultimately, the choice is yours. Your decision is the right one if it was made with your pet’s best interest in mind.

Firstly, decide if you would like to be present. As hard as it may be to watch your pet pass away, remember that your presence will be a comfort in your pet’s final moments.

If you want the euthanasia to take place at home, find out if that is an option. Your vet might be able to recommend a mobile vet if they don’t do it.

Ask about the process.  There will likely be a consent form for you to sign before your vet can proceed.

Next, make a decision about aftercare. I hadn’t even thought about that.  Many vets work with companies that can arrange for individual cremation (and, in some cases, burial). Some owners will opt for communal cremation. In most cases, the cremation/burial company can pick up your dog’s remains directly from the vet.

Alternatively, you may wish to bring your dog’s remains home so you can handle aftercare on your own.

Try to settle up the bill in advance. The last thing you will want is a tearful wait in the reception to pay your bill after your pet is gone.

Most importantly, take the time to say goodbye. Talk to your dog, touch your pet, and express your love however you can. You and your dog will find comfort in this.

Okay dry your eyes, here are some dogs for your consideration.


Female.Breed Mastin. DOB 13/6/2019

Pearl was born with a deformed front leg which makes it shorter than the other one.  

Initially she wouldn’t walk on the lead and was put into the park for playtime. She took some coaxing, but now, she will go for a walk, she likes a little gallop actually. Her deformity isn’t holding her back. She is wonderful, so loving. She has the typical Mastin stubborn streak. She enjoys the walk, with a little lie down so far up the lane. She will not move for around 20 minutes. So if you have a large garden and room in your heart for a girl who will love you forever, please consider our ‘Pearlie me girlie’.  Pearl has 150€ sponsorship towards transport out of Spain.


Male. Breed Podenco. DOB 22/12/2019 

Turron came in absolutely petrified through being a long time on the streets. It took some time to get him out of the crate and walking. He does go with the volunteers now, but we are still working on his confidence. He needs someone with patience to work with him and let him show his true potential.

For details of available dogs contact us via the Facebook page Los Infiernos Protectora Supporters, or our website

Dog walkers are always needed. Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings from 9am until 1pm. We especially need walkers who are experienced with the bigger stronger dogs.

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No longer by my side but forever in my heart (Pumpkin)