Every dog parent worries about their dog going missing. Rescue dogs have unknown histories and they don’t know they’ve fallen on their paws when you take them home. We do everything to keep them happy, healthy and by our side, but sometimes dogs get distracted, confused, or scared.  That can make them run off. A missing dog may get into trouble, or worse, never find their way home.

There are several factors which may lead to a dog running away. Dogs feel fear and when they do, it might trigger their fight, flight, or freeze response. If they decide on ‘flight’, they may run away. Dogs are most likely to exhibit a fear/flight response when they encounter fireworks, thunderstorms, big crowds, gunfire. Dogs have a very sharp sense of hearing.

Some dogs will experience separation anxiety when their humans are away, which could lead to them acting a bit ‘off’, destroying things, chewing furniture, peeing indoors, trying to escape or run away.

Every dog has a hunting instinct and some are inclined to follow it. Your dog might easily run away and lose track of where they are. A common cause of dogs running away is boredom. Smart dog breeds are the most likely suspects! It starts out with them wanting to get to that squirrel or go down the road to make friends with the neighbour’s kids. On holidays, the risk of your dog running away increases; new territory, smells and distractions can easily cause your dog to go and explore the area and get lost.

If your dog runs away, stay calm. It’s important to not panic, as that could just frighten your dog further and make it more difficult for you to find them. According to estimates, about 7% of missing dogs will never be reunited with their family, but two things seem to make a happy ending much more likely. When dogs who run away do return home, it’s usually because they were found while searching the neighbourhood and are wearing an ID tag and/or microchip.

Dogs who have not been neutered are especially prone to the mating call. All Los Infiernos dogs are neutered before they can be adopted.

Ryan – Mastin 

DOB 16/5/20

Such a big beautiful boy, Ryan has no idea how big he is and hides behind you if he’s scared. He is a very loving dog who just wants to snuggle and play. He’s very calm on the lead and just loves being cuddled.

Ruby – German Shepherd

DOB 03/08/2013

Ruby is a lovely calm girl. She walks great on the lead and is a delight to walk. She’s affectionate and loves a fuss. She doesn’t like young male dogs who get too close and she doesn’t like cats.

It would be wonderful if we could get these two dogs a new home for Christmas with a comfy warm bed instead of lying on a pallet in a cold concrete cage.

Our PayPal address is losinfiernosdogs@gmail.com

By using the Friends And Family Option (very important), we get the full donation. We accept donations in Euros and Sterling. Any donation, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated.

For details of available dogs, please contact the shelter via Facebook Los Infiernos Protectora Supporters, or by email losinfiernosdogs@gmail.com

Dog walkers are always needed on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings from 9am-1pm. We especially need walkers who are experienced with the bigger stronger dogs.

Dogs come into our lives to teach us about love. They depart to teach us about loss. A new dog never replaces an old dog. It merely expands the heart.