Helsinki Airport in Finland has some new employees who started working in September. They have a very important job detecting travellers arriving who have COVID-19. They do this by their sense of smell and these amazing employees are dogs!

One special dog is called Kossi, a rescue from Spain who was trained to help detect cancer. Researchers found that the dogs can find COVID-19 disease five days before the patient shows any symptoms. Each passenger is invited into a private room where they use a wipe to dab their travel-sweaty selves and then drop the wipe in a metal canister. The dog’s trainer puts the can in a line-up with four others. The dog goes to work sniffing all five cans. If the dog makes a signal, like tapping the ground at the traveller’s sample, the dog gets a treat. The traveller gets directed to the airline’s health centre, where they receive a COVID-19 lab test for free. The dogs were able to detect the coronavirus with almost 100 % certainty.

The professor who is leading the trial said “We know how dogs detect it; by smell, but we have no clue what they detect yet. If we find this out, we can train thousands of dogs across the world.”

The possibilities are endless and it just goes to show the talents of our best friend.

Dogs Available For Adoption

Alfie – DOB 12/5/18 is medium sized and very handsome. He loves spending time with all the volunteers. Alfie is a little nervous with some male dogs, particularly if they are his size or bigger and will need a little time to gain confidence. Kennel life is starting to affect him. He used to be chilled to walk, but is starting to pull on the lead due to the excitement of being free from the cage. He just needs his chance for a nice comfy bed to call his own and some human companionship and training.

Cristo – DOB 26/6/17 is a beautiful and friendly big lad. He is a very well behaved Spanish Mastin who is happily sharing his cage with other males. Cristo is calm, docile and good natured. We really would love him to have a home as he needs regular cream on his eye to clear up an infection, but this is difficult in the overcrowded shelter. Cristo has tested positive to Leishmaniasis so he is unable to be adopted outside of Spain. One daily inexpensive pill allows him to lead a full life.

Our Calendars 2021 have arrived and are now on sale, full of lovely photos. Thanks to the fantastic sponsors who have supported the calendar this year. They are available directly from the shelter for 5€ or in the UK £5 plus £1.20 P&P. Every penny raised from the calendar goes back to supporting the dogs at Los Infiernos.

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