I am writing this article, beginning of April, with lots of unknowns. I have just heard that the May magazine will be available online at www.costacalidachronicle.com

Will the current lockdown be extended again?

Will I have been able to walk the dogs at Los Infiernos by the time you are reading this? I’ve missed them so much.

When the initial lockdown was imposed, a small group of volunteers were able to visit the Perrera, as the Director General of Animal Rights had decreed that workers with animals in refuges would be allowed to work.

I helped with this and although the dogs weren’t allowed out for walks, they had a little time in a small compound to enable the cleaning of their cages. I served up food and water and got to meet many more of the dogs than I normally do as a walker. To give a little comfort was better than nothing and it made me feel better too.

Sadly the volunteers were then advised not to attend. If one of us unwittingly passed the virus onto the owners and their employees, this would have serious consequences for the animals in their care. It was devastating for the dogs and the volunteers, but these were exceptional times.

Rest assured the dogs were in good hands, regular food, water, safe place to sleep, but imagine not going out for a walk for weeks on end, stuck in a small cage, pacing. The owners of the refuge do a great job, but their remit doesn’t include walking the dogs; there are far too many, it’s just not possible.

Thankfully one day a worker did a live video, going up and down each aisle showing every dog, in a clean cage, being fed. They were going crazy with excitement and I must say I shed some tears, but it was reassuring.

Here are some of our beloved pooches, who need a home more than ever after this ordeal.

Vilma & Iker – dob: February 2nd 2019

Vilma is a young girl who came to the shelter because she was thrown into a garbage container with her brother Iker as puppies. A volunteer rescued them and since then they have only known shelter life. They just want to cuddle and play. Vilma gets along well with other dogs.

Iker – How sad that he and his sister have only ever known shelter life.  He is a beautiful, medium sized playful boy, so let down by humans. There is a photo of them together as puppies, along with more recent ones of them individually.


Vadar – dob approx March 2017
Vadar is a beautiful Golden Retriever/Belgian Shepherd type. He shares a kennel with males and females and is very well behaved. He would make a great family pet as he is gentle, social and calm. He would really fit in anywhere.

Now, more than ever, in these uncertain times, if you had thought about
rescuing, please consider our dogs who have had such a miserable time.

Please check out our dogs for adoption on Facebook Los Infiernos Perrera Supporters.

Dog walkers are always needed on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings from 9am-1pm.

Some people see an unfortunate dog sitting in a shelter. I see an angel that someone threw away.

Donations can be made to LIPS via Paypal mail: losinfiernosdogs@hotmail.com