Everyone likes a happy ending don’t they?

Marco was looking for a home. One of our supporters works with an animal welfare centre in Warrington and thought Marco might stand a better chance of adoption there. He was spotted by Kim who had two dogs already; one young and one old. She didn’t want to wait and try introducing a new dog to the remaining grieving one, when the inevitable happened. They arranged a meeting and Marco was very nervous. He’d been through a lot; a stressful environment in the Perrera and a long trip in a van. He’s now called Wiggins, or Wiggy and is ‘an absolute clown and a cuddle monkey’. Everyone who meets him wants to take him home. He also gets called Nurse Wiggins as he is always there if another of the dogs or a member of the family is poorly, providing comfort.

Jackson’s story is very different. He was seen on the Facebook page, about to spend his third year in the Perrera. Paula went to see him and it was evident Jackson was a very frightened dog.  Terrified of humans, he would accept a little petting, then realise his guard was down and try to bite.  Armed with that knowledge, he was fostered. Three times the first day he tried to bite.  His bed was put in the kitchen and he growled. Paula sadly made plans to take him back. That evening the storms descended on the area. To Jackson it was a life saver. It bought him time. The roads to the Perrera were impassable. Within hours the next day, Paula started to understand him. The kitchen was now his safe place and he was warning everyone to keep away. For two days Jackson stayed in the kitchen, curled in a ball, sometimes shaking with fear. He let Paula in the kitchen when he realised his food was there. By two weeks, he went to Paula, wanting a little cuddle; just a few strokes. With patience, time and love, he’s getting there. Jackson is now called Rocky. He loves his walks, his garden and his freedom.  His adoption will be finalised very soon.

Legolas – DOB June 1st 2016 is a medium sized, strong and sociable boy, very handsome and has been waiting for two years for a home. He is affectionate with humans and we can’t understand why he seems invisible. A generous sponsor will pay transport costs for Legolas to get to the UK.

Rocco – DOB December 2nd 2017 is a large dog. He’s strong and active, loves to play and cuddle. He would be suited to a family who like long walks or have a large garden where he can roam.

Please check out our dogs for adoption on our Facebook page Los Infiernos Perrera Supporters.

Fundraising Event – Sunday 29th March, 2pm @ Route 66, Torre Pacheco, adjacent to the Mar Menor Golf Resort.

The fabulous Green Dog Band will be providing the entertainment and food will be included in the ticket price of 12€.

For tickets email janettepow@yahoo.co.uk or call into the bar.

Dog Walkers are always needed. Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat mornings from 9am-1pm.

Donations can be made to LIPS via Paypal losinfiernosdogs@hotmail.com

You can’t buy love, but you can rescue it.