The Spanish Mastin or Mastín Español is a breed of dog from Spain, originally bred as a guard dog and whose purpose is to be a livestock guardian dog protecting flocks. They are a very large and powerful dog, similar in appearance to the other Mastiff breeds, with a large powerful head and a serious and vigilant expression. They can weigh in at anything from 40kg-80kg. They can be any colour, but are most typically browns and white, although white is not usually dominant.

This dog is more inclined to lumber than gallop, but it can move quickly when necessary. A long daily walk will be sufficient, although it will appreciate a fenced area where it can exercise at its own rate. They want to be close to you at all times and follow you everywhere. Unwelcome guests will have absolutely no chance of stepping onto your property! They will often choose the highest spot they can find (such as a small hill, etc.) on your property, from which to survey their domain for potential danger.

Mastins are generally very tolerant of and patient with children, pets and all other family members, but must be carefully introduced to newcomers.

Most Mastins won’t fully mature until around the age of 2.5-3 years. You must be patient, yet firm when training this dog. They are people pleasers and will pick up on commands fairly quickly, but their stubbornness can let them down.

Here are two of our gentle giants looking for new homes.

Adela – Spanish Mastin

Age approx. 2.5 years

Date of arrival – April 2021

Adela is a wonderful example of the calm, gentle Spanish Mastin. She is a little afraid of her surroundings at the moment. However, she is starting to enjoy her walks with some gentle persuasion. We would like to get her a home before she gets too used to kennel life.

Cristo – Spanish Mastin

DOB – 26/JUN/17

Date of arrival – December 2019

This beautiful and friendly big boy is a very well behaved Spanish Mastin. Cristo is calm, docile and good natured, but poor Cristo has tested positive to Leishmaniasis but his levels are low. The disease is managed by a daily tablet. He is good with children.

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