Last year Los Infiernos Perrera Supporters managed to rehome over 200 dogs which was a massive achievement.
Sadly not all the dogs that come into the shelter have a clean bill of health. Lack of funds or simply not caring is all too often the reason for abandonment. Some illnesses and injuries are quite obvious, but some dogs have health issues which aren’t immediately apparent and only show up with quite extensive tests. These are not only thorough, but costly.

Valkiria arrived in May 2020; a beautiful young girl, less than a year old, so loving and friendly. She was quickly reserved by a lovely lady in Belgium. The shelter vet took blood tests for her health check. Our usual transport companies don’t go to Belgium, so arrangements were made for a volunteer to take her to Aguilas, where there is a pet hotel and the owners arrange transport and all the necessary paperwork for travel.
We were all excited for her. Sadly, we received word that Valkiria had leishmania, which can be kept under control with one inexpensive tablet per day.

Valkiria’s kidneys were in a bad way, so our volunteer went back to Aguilas to pick up this very sick girl and she went straight to the vet and was on a drip, for several days. She was then released into the care of a volunteer foster mum, who administered her medication and fed her a special diet. She had good days, but some very down days when she was so weak, we thought she wasn’t going to make it. Sue never gave up on her. The adoption in Belgium eventually fell through as her recovery was a slow one, but Valkiria made it and she now has a comfy bed in her own home in the UK. Her leishmanial is well under control.

The treatment cost in the region of 1,000€, but we don’t give up if there is hope. Valkiria is just an example of one of the dogs we helped last year, but now we are in desperate need of funds. All our usual fundraising events have been cancelled due to the pandemic. We know money is tight for everyone, but if you have not been socialising much this year, could you spare the cost of a couple of coffees you missed out on? It would make such a difference to our rescue dogs.

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‘A lot of shelter dogs are mutts like me.’  – Barack Obama