Do you know people who say “If I win the lottery, I’ll have loads of dogs”?

How many dogs are too many?  In Murcia, the Animal Protection regulations stipulate a maximum of three cats or dogs in urban areas and five in the countryside. This is to ensure adequate levels of care for the animals, hygiene in the properties and any potential inconvenience to neighbours.

Los Infiernos Perrera has recently taken in 19 small dogs seized from a countryside finca. The owner had a variety of animals, totalling more than ninety. Yes ninety! The other animals have been distributed amongst other shelters in Murcia.

Why do people hoard animals?

New studies suggest:

  • Attachment and personality disorders
  • Paranoia
  • Delusional thinking
  • Depression
  • Other mental illnesses

Some animal hoarders begin collecting after a traumatic event or loss, while others see themselves as ‘rescuers’ who save animals from lives on the street. These people often appear intelligent and believe they are helping their animals. Many hoarders possess the ability to garner sympathy and deceive others into thinking their situation is under control. They often are blind to the fact that their animals are suffering under their care.

Signs that may indicate someone is an animal hoarder:

  • They have numerous animals and may not know the total number of animals in their care.
  • Their home is deteriorated (dirty windows, broken furniture and extreme clutter).
  • A strong smell of ammonia and floors may be covered with dried faeces and urine.
  • Animals are emaciated, lethargic and not well socialized.
  • Fleas and vermin are present.
  • The individuals are isolated from community and appear to be neglecting themselves.
  • Individual insists all animals are happy and healthy, even when there are clear signs of distress and illness.
  • Thankfully for these poor animals mentioned earlier, the authorities were alerted and they were removed.  They have a long road ahead before they can be rehomed.

Here are a couple of our long term residents who have waited far too long to become part of a family.

Ripley – femalemixed breed

DOB: 9th Jan 2017 

Arrived: 4th March 2019 

Ripley has had a tough time adjusting to kennel life, which was really stressing her out. A kind sponsor is paying for her to stay in kennels.  She’s affectionate and loving the attention.

Her transport costs are paid to the UK and Europe, but must be homed as an only dog.

KIRA/LULU – femaleAmerican Staffordshire mix Pit Bull Terrier

DOB: 8th June 2011 

Arrived: June 2019

Kira/Lulu is an older girl, so a concrete kennel is not a place to live out her days. She does not look her age and physically she is strong, very educated, walks well and is medium sized. She is sociable and affectionate.  A PPP license is required and sadly she is unable to travel to the UK.

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Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one, is a life diminished.  – Dean Koontz