It seems like an eternity, this staying home. Have you felt a little cooped up, trapped, like being in a cage? Welcome to the life of a dog in the Perrera.

I am very happy to report, that today, Wednesday 13th May, I have been to the Perrera and walked some dogs. We only have a limited number of volunteers allowed and social distancing was maintained at all times. My Fitbit doesn’t know what’s hit it, nor do my knees, back and feet. I don’t care. It was lovely to see the dogs’ excited faces. They were free for 20 minutes to get a walk and some companionship. After the utter misery they have been through, they wagged their tails and went back into their cages without complaint.

People have still surfed the web and dogs have been reserved. There are several waiting to get on the Happy Bus to the UK and beyond. Sadly, a few have been reserved, then unreserved due to the waiting times. This is really sad for the dogs, but it’s the volunteers that go through the emotions of feeling let down. The dogs don’t know any different. Maybe those folks weren’t right for the dog anyway!

Featured this month are dogs who have sponsored transport to the UK and Europe, so only the adoption fee will be payable. Some dogs featured in previous articles have been reserved by the time the article was published – here’s hoping these dogs have the same luck.

Luisa – dob approx: December 2011

She is a very good girl, a real favourite amongst our volunteers. She is great with other dogs, but arrived in very bad condition; signs of abuse and not having been given the basic care, yet she did not stop wagging her tail and giving kisses of thanks.  Luisa is very sociable, fully recovered and is strong and waiting for someone to welcome her into the family.  She is already nearly 9 years old and a cage is no place for her.

Turco dob February 14th 2017

He is a spectacular Boxer/Staffie boy. His only crime is to be listed as PPP in a country that classifies dogs by breed, not good nature. Turco is sociable and active. Everyone loves Turco. He doesn’t want treats, he wants a cuddle.  He is good with cats, children and other dogs. A license would be required in Spain.

Mario – dob July 7th 2016

Mario entered the shelter very scared. It took a month for the volunteers to be able to take him out. He wanted to return to his cage quickly. Mario has obviously suffered before he came to the rescue and it took time for him trust again, but he is a great boy. He is a large Spanish Greyhound breed type. He’s beautiful and very noble. With a lot of patience he has become a happy dog.

For further details please contact the Perrera via the Facebook page Los Infiernos Perrera Supporters, or by email

Paypal donations can also be made to the email address. Funds are running very low as planned fundraising events have all been put on hold.

Dog walkers are always needed. Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday mornings 9am-1pm.

Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them and filling an emptiness we didn’t ever know we had.