Have you heard anyone saying ‘That’s a PPP dog’ and wondered what on earth they were talking about? It is short for Perros Potencialmente Peligrosos – Dogs Potentially Dangerous.

Spanish Law dictates dogs of a particular breed with certain characteristics have the potential to be dangerous and to own one, the keeper must be licensed and insured. This includes the Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Rottweiler to name but a few. They are usually the strong muscular type dogs, with powerful appearance, robust head and neck, with wide jaw and deep mouth.

Because of no kill policy at Los Infiernos Perrera, there are an increasing number of these dogs, (currently 66), many who have lived there for years. The licensing issue prohibits volunteers to walk them. They really do have a tough time, with little human interaction.

Why so many?

Some dogs have been seized by the authorities as the keepers weren’t licensed and would not present the relevant papers to get them back.

You would think that it must be a long, expensive process to legally own a PPP dog. Not at all:

First step – visit a medical centre for a physical capacity and psychological aptitude certificate – approximately 20€.

Second step – take the dog’s chip number, along with the veterinarian’s card to an insurance office to obtain civil liability insurance for damages to third parties – around 40€ per year.

Third step – take your documents to your Town Hall, pay the fee for the license – around 14€. They grant a license, renewable every five years.

The dog should be walked on a short leash and be muzzled.  A volunteer completed the process in two weeks. Once licensed, the keeper may have up to five dogs.

Here are two of our long term residents: 

Nelson – dob: 0ctober 10th 2013

He is a big boy who was inconsolable when he first came to the shelter. He is very affectionate and craves a cuddle. His partner Shira, who helped him enormously, has been adopted and he cried for days.  He is good with people and shares a cage with Linda now. He is overlooked due to his size, but more to love surely?

George – born 2013 has been in the shelter since 2014. He just wants to be loved and is a real gentleman, good with other dogs and children. He has been sentenced to life imprisonment without committing any crime.

He has had no real guidance so would need basic training, but the reward would be a wonderful pet.

All PPP dogs can be adopted for the cost of the microchip being changed to the new owner’s name. Donations can be made to LIPS via

Paypal losinfiernosdogs@hotmail.com

Dog walkers are always needed on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings from 9am-1pm.

Please check out the dogs available for adoption on our Facebook page, Los Infiernos Perrera Supporters.

Not all homes should have a dog, but all dogs should have a home.