Older Dogs
When you are thinking about picking up a dog from the shelter, don’t look past the Older Dogs.
Senior dogs need homes just as badly as younger dogs. They were once owned and hopefully loved by someone.  Just like puppies and younger adoptable dogs, they make loyal and loving companions. Older Dogs are not necessarily ‘problem dogs’ as many tend to think. Senior dogs lose their homes for a variety of reasons; usually nothing to do with their behaviour, but more due to the fact that their owners are unable to keep them for reasons including: the novelty of owning a dog wearing off, allergies, death of owner, new baby, loss of a job, a move, change in work schedule and various other lifestyle changes.

You can teach an old dog new tricks
Older Dogs may come trained and understand at least basic commands. Adopting an already-trained dog will save you a lot of time and energy that you would normally have to dedicate towards training a young dog.
Dogs can be trained at any age and Older Dogs are just as smart as younger ones. Older Dogs have a greater attention span than a puppy, which make them easier to train.

Older Dogs are calmer and less energetic than younger dogs. An adult dog has graduated from the puppy stage and has an established demeanour and temperament, which will give you an instant idea of how it will fit into your household.
Older Dogs have all their adult teeth and are out of the energetic puppy phase, which will result in less destruction to your home.
Older Dogs do well with young children as they have a lower energy level and have possibly lived with them in their past homes.
Older Dogs make instant companions, unlike a puppy, which requires leash training, etc. whereas an older dog is ready to accompany you on a long walk and may already know how to play fetch.
Older Dogs make great workout partners, loyal companions and late night snuggle buddies.


Chesse and Alfie Have Highly Subsidised Transport To The UK and Europe
Chesse – Cross Breed – DOB 01/Jan/10
Cat Friendly  
Arrived Dec 2019
Chesse has been waiting at the shelter for far too long for a home of his own. He is older and really doesn’t deserve to be in a cold wet cage again this winter. He needs to be an only dog, as he has occasionally shown lack of tolerance with other dogs, yet he is fine with cats. He is still strong and enthusiastic, loves his walks and enjoys a fuss.

Alfie – Mastiff Type – DOB 12/May/18
Arrived Feb 2020
Alfie is medium size and loves spending time with the volunteers. Alfie is a little nervous with some males if they are his size or bigger. He arrived physically well, but he has lost weight. He is not ill. He is just sad and broken.
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Dog walkers are always needed.
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Old dogs, like old shoes, are comfortable. They might be a bit out of shape and a little worn around the edges, but they fit well.