Black Dog Syndrome refers to a common problem around the world where dark coloured dogs are overlooked for adoption. According to ancient folklore, the apparitions of black dogs were believed to be the unquiet ghosts of wicked souls. Hollywood positions them in an evil light, casting them as companions to villains or using them to symbolise impending doom.

Black Dog was the term Winston Churchill used to describe his depression.

While a black dog may be stunning in real life, it is harder to get a good photograph of a black dog without good lighting or an expensive camera. The darker the dog, the harder it will be to photograph well. A dog’s photograph is an important factor in rehoming. A potential adopter will often choose to make an appointment to meet it based on seeing its photograph on the organisation’s website or social media pages. When adopting a dog from abroad, you cannot visit the pound or shelter, so the decision to adopt a dog is based on its photograph alone. When you cannot make out a dog’s features in a photo, it’s harder to make the emotional connection which will drive you to adopt it.

Here are some beautiful black dogs, with great personalities that would make wonderful family pets. They have beautiful shiny coats, great smiles and are certainly not spooky, evil or threatening.

Gary dob: December 28th 2017
Gary is a little very friendly boy who is often let into the paddock to run and play with his kennel mates. He loves to play in the paddling pools in hot weather.  He is young and only small, very cheerful and active. In his cage he is with two girls and he is a real gentleman and is sociable. Gary came in with his almost identical brother Robbie who has just been reserved. Gary gets along well with male and female dogs and it would be wonderful for him to have a home too. He has waited two years. 

Duncan born January 2013 

Duncan is an active lad, but would be a lot calmer with more exercise. He isn’t aggressive; just excited when he’s out of the cage for 20 minutes every 48 hours. He responds well to verbal commands on his walks so we think he will be easily trained. He is desperate in a cage all day. Duncan would make a wonderful family member. He is a beautiful looking boy, with a sleek glossy coat.

Bimba born January 2018
Bimba, her mum and 9 siblings were all found in the middle of a field in a burrow buried in the ground. Bimba is sociable with other dogs, but still a little shy with humans. She is medium in size. With a little love and affection she will become a wonderful girl. Bimba has a kind sponsor who is prepared to pay all travel costs to the UK and Europe.

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A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.