Los Bandidos take on the Mojácar de Luz 

17 Los Bandidos runners participated in the Mojácar de Luz 5k and 10k on Saturday 22nd April. The race was held on a very flat course with closed roads along the Playa and was well supported, especially by Los Bandidos volunteers and friends who came away with 11 podium places!

The winner of the 10k finished in 32:50, with the first lady in 39:39. 139 runners crossed the finish line.

The 5k was won in 16:33, with the first lady in 22:44. 89 runners finished.

Medals were awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in each age group as well as to the overall winners and oldest competitors in each race.  

Los Bandidos Results (position, name, time and age group prizes) 


79 Andrew Hyde – 47:00

103 Judith Chambers –

52:58 (3rd M50F, 2nd Local F)

104 John Davidge – 53:05

109  Sarah Briggs – 53:33

115  Patricia Mulcahy – 55:28 (4th Local F)

120  Karen Ayers- 56:21 (2nd M60F, 5th Local F)

129  Corinne Cherel – 59:24

132  Lesley Davidge – 1:03:20 (1st M65F, Oldest F)

133  Tess Cann – 1:03:37 (3rd M55F)

134  Summer Phillips – 1:03:53 


65  Keith Mar – 28:23 (2nd VDM)

70  Kevin Rowe – 29:14 (3rd VDM, Oldest M)

79  Gerry Diamond – 31:54

81  Donna Brann – 32:13

82  Amanda Hyde – 32:15

83  Kerry Davis – 32:15

85  Jane Thompson 35:15 

Full results:  https://www.alcanzatumeta.es/10k-y-5k-mojacar-de-luz-y-media-maraton-de-patines/ 

Los Bandidos Blast Bédar  

Sixteen Los Bandidos runners took on the third race in the Circuito de Carreras Populares Diputación de Almeria 2023 in Bédar on Saturday 15th May. Unlike last year’s race, when the start had to be delayed due to the heat, it was a dull, grey start with rain and thunderstorms forecast. Luckily there was no thunder, but there were a couple of light showers. The hilly route went through the village, out into the campo, through some puddles (due to the rain earlier in the day), then climbed steeply, back into Bédar. Some of the Los Bandidos ladies were helped back to the finish line by one of the super speedy runners who had already finished the race! Aki was the first lady overall and five Bandidos won trophies in their age groups and as a team finished 5th (4 fastest runners).  

Times were generally faster this year, due to the cooler conditions, but on such a tough course, the winner still finished in an impressive 33:45, with Aki, the first lady in 44:46. 168 runners crossed the finish line. Trophies were awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in each age group as well as to the overall winners.  

Los Bandidos results (position, name, time and age group prizes) 

49  Aki Lisauskaite – 44:46 (1st F)

55  David Jones – 45:31

63  Steve Slack – 46:29

91  Andrew Hyde – 50:46

102  Bryan White – 52:30

124  Sarah Briggs – 55:25

126  Kristy Barclay – 55:57

130  Kirsty Ratcliffe – 56:17 (3rd D-F)

132  John Davidge – 57:03 (3rd G-M)

136  Patricia Mulcahy – 57:43

142  Rachael Slack – 59:05 (1st E-F)

143  Karen Ayers – 59:10 (1st F-F)

148  Corinne Cherel – 1:01:46

149  Sharon Howlett – 1:03:47

155  Kevin Rowe – 1:07:24

168  Lesley Davidge – 1:31:20 (2nd G-F) 

In the Sub-14 category Guillermo Moscardo Cherel ran 1k and finished in 9th place in a time of 04:36.  

Full results: https://wwwcruzandolameta.es/clasificaciones/v2/bedar-circuito-de-carreras-populares-diputacion-de-almeria-2023—1812/#clasificaciones 

Los Bandidos was set up in June 2018 with a small group running the 5k Mojácar Paseo and now has road cycling, sea swimming and triathlon groups. All ages, nationalities and speeds are welcome, whether permanent residents or holiday makers. Los Bandidos are keen to integrate and support the local community. We are very sociable and most sessions are followed by a post-activity coffee, cake or breakfast, depending on the time of day. Follow us on Facebook to keep up-to-date with our latest activities https://www.facebook.com/groups/490933409244200. We look forward to seeing you soon. 

Los Bandidos are currently collecting non-perishable food and toiletries for the Red Cross Food Bank.