After a couple of COVID cancellations, Los Amigos GS were able to resume their monthly competition schedule with a relatively short run out to Lorca Golf Club. The weather was very kind to us with probably the best weather of the year. Temperatures in the high 20’s with just a few clouds around to, overall, make it a very pleasant day out. Generally, the course was in very good condition and the greens were excellent; so, all was in place for a good game of golf. 

Our competition format for this event was a Pinehurst with four players in each team. Attendance at this particular competition was rather low. However that did not deter us from having a good day out, with entertainment provided by a following group.

Lorca is currently a very popular venue, becoming quite crowded at times and, quite naturally, this can often lead to slow play being experienced by all.

On the PAR 3 hole 10, Roy Quigley drove off and watched as his ball flew towards the pin. At this point his wallet was getting very nervous; the ball landed just in front of the pin then, narrowly avoiding the hole, rolled to a stop. It was extremely close to being an expensive drive!

The Winning Team.
The Winning Team.


1st with 149 points; Sandy Bayne, Roy Quigley, Les Jales and Ron Johnston.

2nd with 139 points; Harry Pearson, Ian Robinson, Arthur Anthoney and Dave Lynch.

NTP Hole 8. Eddie Harrison
NTP Hole 8. Eddie Harrison

3rd with 135 points; Gordon Nielson, Eddie Harrison, Dave Gautier (G) and John Salter (G).

4th with 125 points; Chris Jowett, Fred Harvey, Nigel Harding and Marshall Shields.

Nearest the Pin: All PAR 3’s were included, but for some reason we all chose to avoid holes 6 and 12. Was it due to sudden gale force headwinds? No!

Hole 4 – 3 metres 30 cms – John Salter.

Hole 8 – 10 metres 35 cms – Eddie Harrison.

Hole 10 – 65 cms – Roy Quigley.