Hello everyone

I think the down switch is stuck, it is still mighty warm! Hope you are all managing.

Chatterbox’s first meeting back after the summer was very busy – it was lovely to see so many people, both old and new members. Welcome! We hope you enjoyed your first Chatterbox experience and look forward to seeing you all during the next session which includes Christmas!

However, before all of that, we have been on our first trip to Benidorm and what a trip it was!  It was as humid as Mazarrón, but with a little rain which was welcomed as we strolled around the market which was quite large to say the least – everything from potatoes to handbags, shoes to glasses and mobiles to every imaginable item of clothing! After all that shopping, a well-deserved lunch was in order.  As the day was our ladies ‘free time’ everyone dined differently, all reporting fabulous food. On our return journey, we held a raffle and quiz. Congratulations to our winners! The next thing we knew we were back at Camposol! A good day all round.

Chatterbox’s Christmas includes giving joy and happiness to the children of the Rosa Caritas charity by way of knitting cardigans, hats, gloves, toys and small cot blankets. We will also be donating nappies, cleansing wipes and everything else baby and toddler friendly.  (We support the birth to 3 year age group). If you could help we would be so grateful. Knitting!  Previous response has always been amazing from Camposol and further afield. Ladies who knit are out of this world. Can you help this year? If you do not knit, perhaps you could help with the other requests????

We have lots of new trips out and speakers in the pipeline, so why not come along and test the Chatterbox waters? You never know, you might enjoy it!

Take care and remember to be kind. It costs nothing and means so much.

Sue xx