Hello everyone,

Thank you to whoever lowered the heat switch! Our ladies carried on regardless knitting for Rosa Caritas. On behalf of the unit we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed. We do however have another plea – for Christmas. All children love Christmas and the excitement of opening presents. Can you help us to achieve that for these children? We are looking to donate toys, but they must again be new, bought or made. These would be for the older children 2+. For any offers of help, please get in touch.

A Bit Of Chatterbox History

Pauline Ford was one of the first members of Chatterbox and when names for the group were being discussed, she came up with Chatterbox. That was and still is the perfect description for our group. She recently returned to live in the UK. I wonder if she realised that she was responsible for us ladies being called Chatterboxes all those years later! I do hope so. Thank you Pauline.