Hello everyone. I hope you are all doing OK.

With the current situation and the future unknown, it isn’t always easy to know what to talk about in these articles. We try to keep you updated on Chatterbox matters and the amazing work our ladies continue to do for Rosa Caritas. We are so grateful so please carry on! Summer is on its way – lightweight clothing is number 1 on the list!

I thought for a change that I would think of a photograph – what it meant to me at the time and if it took me back to similar circumstances.

This is a photo of the aftermath of the 1986 hurricane just by the Royal Pavilion in Brighton. It is self-explanatory, with people looking and wondering, but knowing they need to get to their places of employment, get the children to school and try to carry on as best they can. Obviously public transport was badly affected, so you knew if the buses could not get through, you would not be able to either………….so you needed to walk – I did and I met lots of lovely people en-route and tasted many different coffees on the way.

This took me back to my thoughts of a similar situation. I could only have been 18 and very proud to be working in a London hospital. It was all going so well until……..thetrainstrike and then the snow. I felt that I had to get to work. I had worked really hard to get my perfect job and yes, I felt important and did not want to let people down and so…  I walked to work which in total was probably around 12 miles. It was dark when I left home and there I was a young girl on her own, but the people I met during my travels were fabulous. The friendships I made lasted throughout the strike and beyond.

Yes, the Health Authority thanked everyone for their efforts, but it never mentioned the friends on the way!

Stay safe and well

Lots of love