Hello everyone, knew it wouldn’t been too long before we were saying “gosh its hot”

which is certainly better than “how red is the rain”!

We do lots of different things at our Chatterbox meetings as well as organising trips – recently we were bending our knees, lifting our arms and stamping our feet all in time to some fabulous oldie music while sitting in our seats! This is chair exercise. Thanks to Ian Field from the CDA Gym (next to the petrol station) – it was brilliant fun.

Then for something the complete opposite, (the visitor moves about!!) Hartley Hartley, (he performs as Magenta Slippers), came to entertain us, how on earth he stood, let alone walked in the shoes was beyond all of us! But entertain us he did with his fabulous life story and some wonderful join in songs. WOW, I think he will be a returning visitor. Thank you Hartley.

There are no Chatterbox meetings during July and August, but we will return in September with lots of new venues to visit, events to attend and speakers to welcome. We do have a ‘new trip’ on Wednesday 14 September 2022 when we’re off to Benidorm for the day and as Wednesday is MARKET DAY, just think of all of those bargains you could get, if you are interested just drop me an email or join us at the The Social Centre, Sector B2 at 4pm on Thursday 9 June.

Take care, enjoy life and be kind –   it cost’s nothing and means a lot x

with love