Hello Everyone

Warm sunshine, positivity and thanks are on this month’s menu.

As I write this I am getting a little warm, but how lovely to see and feel this weather. We are so lucky to live here and enjoy everything nature has to offer.

Hopefully when you read this, a number of you would have had your first and some your second COVID vaccination. What progress and how many doors will open for us?

In April I mentioned some lovely ladies; Liz MacDonald and Joan Thompson. Liz very kindly donated some material and Joan put her sewing skills into action. As you can see the results are amazing. Thank you Liz and Joan – Rosa Caritas will be delighted.

More thanks – to Susan Chamberlin who has very kindly donated some wool for our ongoing knitting projects again for Rosa Caritas.

The committee continue to have video meetings to try to come up with ideas for future Chatterbox events.

Does anyone have any ideas? 

Please get in touch and let us know.

Just to keep you guessing – there may be some exciting news on the horizon!

Stay safe, look after each other and thinkPositive’.

Lots of love  

Sue xx