Hello all,

I hope you are doing OK. I’m thinking we might have got used to our situation by now, but it’s probably changed a bit since our last article, hopefully for the better, especially for our local businesses who are so important to Camposol and the surrounding area.

Now Chatterbox ladies, I am sure by now you have done everything you possible could have, so we are asking for you to consider a new talent –  knitting; in particular baby clothes and hearts.

Baby clothes please for Rosa Caritas the baby unit of Caritas and Hearts for MABS – these are knitted in pairs; one for those in care and the other for the families to help feel connected.

If you are able to help, please put a message on our Facebook page. Thank you.

Emails have been sent to ladies who have paid for trips, asking for their feelings regarding refunds. Most of the ladies who answered indicated that they would like the monies to be carried forward – thank you for your support and confidence in the Chatterbox Committee. In due course we will be asking for your thoughts regarding future meetings and events. The results will be important to us as we will need to gauge the logistics to be able to make the appropriate arrangements. We will also see what other similar groups are doing as well. When we ask please let us know – it’s your Chatterbox, remember – we will meet again.

In the meantime – stay strong and safe.

Lots of love