Hello Everyone

I hope you are all doing OK. We have moved on since our last article and continue to do so.

Father Juan Jose Noguera Rubio, from San José Church in Puerto de Mazarrón, made a visit to the Social Centre on Camposol B, together with Cllr Silvana Buxton, to receive baby clothes and masks for Caritas and Rosa Caritas.

People connected to the church started making masks. Then Lesley, Mary, Karen Liz and Julieta, fabulous ladies from Camposol, became involved. 20,000 masks have been donated throughout the local area. Sue Tinkler coordinated the distribution of masks and the collection of food for Caritas in the foyer of Consum.


Chatterbox Ladies and friends started knitting for Rosa Caritas. Due to the ages of the babies, the charity is unable to accept used clothing, so the knitting needles started clicking. Oh my! What talented ladies there are out there! Thank you all.

We have had a committee meeting (social distancing observed) and began discussing the way forward. There will be some suggestions in the next article (August) so please let us know your thoughts.

Enjoy your summer, keep safe, well and cool!!