Hello all!
It’s February now (already!) St Valentine’s Day 2021 style?? I wonder what it will be?

Just a quick return to Rosa Caritas to share with you the lovely thank you letter we received.

Children’s Gift Appeal
On this special day I wish to give our sincere thanks to you who have been our representatives of our Three Kings, arriving at the right time, helping those who needed it most and giving hope, happiness and optimism to the Caritas volunteers. Your generosity made our task so much easier and infinitely more rewarding. Our warmest thanks to the people of Camposol and to all who contributed so generously to the enormous success of the Children’s Gift Appeal with their involvement and their gifts.

Juanjo of Caritas

OK on to new things – as so many of our ladies contributed to the knitting programme can we ask for more! We would like to continue to support Rosa Caritas and hope you do too, so ladies onwards.
Firstly – knitting needles at the ready. Clothing and blankets are the request for now; toys etc. later in the year. Please could blankets be made in squares in ‘double knit’ and on a size 12 needles? Clothing as before 0-3yrs girls and boys.

Cotton/lightweight clothing, pillow cases and quilt covers have been suggested for these, dresses, trousers, shorts for boys and girls 0-3yrs.

The Committee had a Zoom meeting in January and talked about possible ways of keeping in touch with our ladies. We decided on a ‘Weekly Chatter Column’ to be put on our Facebook page. Our Treasurer Elaine started and the rest of the committee followed. I hope you have seen some of them. Please feel free to join in and tell us what you have been doing, how you are feeling, what your plans for the future may be and – do you have any tried, tested and loved recipes? We would like to produce a Chatterbox Recipe Book. You can send details to me at onlyforsue23@gmail.com or put in the Chatter Column! We can then transfer them to the book.

Well I think we have taken up ALL of your spare time now!!
Thank you – take care, stay safe and think positive.

Sue xx