Hello everyone

As I sit and write this article the sun is spreading warm rays over us and the birds are singing. By the time you read it we will have longer to enjoy these things as the clocks have gone forward……….summer is on its way!

Ladies, you have all been so busy, knitting, sewing, writing and cooking. Thank you all! Please continue with your knitting and sewing, as the children need these items all year long and as I am sure you all know they grow very quickly! Your support is greatly appreciated by everyone involved.

A couple of special thanks this month go to; Liz MacDonald who has very kindly donated some material for children’s summer clothing and Joan Thompson the lucky recipient who is going to make them.

The Chatterbox Committee have been thinking about the future and what we may be able to do once we are allowed such as guest speakers to entertain you on Thursday afternoons. Suggestions include an artist, a medium, an editor, a Councillor and a tarot card reader. If you know someone who would be willing to come to one of our meetings and tell us everything (!!!), please get in touch.

Stay safe, stay well, be positive and eat chocolate!

Happy Easter to you all.

With love