La Asociación de Comerciantes, Hostelería y Servicios de Mazarrón (ACOMA)  is already developing its activity at its new headquarters in La Cresta del Gallo. The president of ACOMA, Lali Sánchez, thanked the City Council “for having set up this space for us so that we can continue developing our activity”

With its new headquarters in place, ACOMA is going to carry out a campaign on the occasion of ‘Black Friday’ that was presented by the President of the Association and the Councillor for Commerce. The initiative consists of a raffle of 500€ among those who make purchases at associated stores. The campaign will begin on Friday, November 20 and will last until Sunday, November 29 of the same month

As Lali Sánchez explained, “for security reasons against Covid19, the campaign will be carried out via social networks through ACOMA’s profiles on Facebook and Instagram.” Participants must share ‘stories’ a photo with the purchase in the store, tagging it and ACOMA in the post. They must also Follow the ACOMA page / profile on Facebook and Instagram, “like” the Black Friday publication and mention two friends accounts in comments. If someone does not have social networks, they can participate through the profiles of the establishments themselves or those of family and friends
Lali Sánchez added that “the 500€ should be spent in the associated shops.” The raffle will take place on December 1 and the purchase or purchases of the prize must take place between December 3 and 7. For her part, Silvia García encouraged residents to participate in this initiative in support of local commerce