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I Know A Man Who Has A Boat

This is a recently published book written by local writer Ken Robertson. You can best judge whether it is a good one or not as it is available as a Paperback on Amazon as well as a download on Kindle.

This book is a compilation of 52 short stories of exactly 300 words each. Topics range from car parking spaces, to particle accelerators, to beef burgers, with chapter titles such as:  BFFLNMW; The Bubble Wrap Appreciation Society; and Buy For Free. Intended as a ‘good read’ the book aims to challenge, entertain and encourage everyone whether they are Christians or not.

Ken was born and raised in Scotland and worked as an engineer in heavy industry and latterly with property. Ken’s brief biography states that he has been a Scot for all of his life and a Christian and an Engineer for most of it. He is fascinated with the Bible and equally bemused and frustrated with the world we live in.

Ken is pleased with the sales so far and equally surprised that people have found it interesting. One reader is using some of the chapters on a local radio in Scotland on a ‘Thought For The Day Slot’. Okay it won’t hit the ‘Best Sellers’ list, but Ken is not daunted and is already working on a second book.

If you have any difficulty buying a copy, or are not familiar with on-line purchasing, please contact Ken through Open Door and he can get a copy for you.