Jenny T. Colgan was born in 1972 in Prestwick, Scotland. After studying at Edinburgh University, she worked for six years in the health service, moonlighting as a cartoonist and a stand-up comic in Notting Hill and the West End, writing her own material. In 2000, she published her first novel, Amanda’s Wedding and in 2013, her novel Welcome to Rosie Hopkin’s Sweetshop of Dreams won the Romantic Novel of the Year Award by the Romantic Novelists’ Association. She specialises in romantic comedy fiction.

She is married with Andrew, a marine engineer and they had three children, Wallace, Michael-Francis, and Delphie. She mostly lives in France, with frequent visits to London. She occasionally writes for The Guardian newspaper, as well as TV series including Dr Who. She writes under her own name and using the pseudonyms Jane Beaton and J. T. Colgan and in July 2012 her Dr Who tie-in novel Dark Horizons was published under the name J. T. Colgan

Resistance Is Futile due out May 2015
Take the square root of a love story, multiply by an awkward mathematician, add on extra-terrestrial life forms and cringe-worthy close encounters, and what you’ll get is Resistance is Futile – a whirlwind adventure.

Connie thinks she’s never met anyone quite like Luke Beith before.
She has no idea how right she is. As a high-ranking mathematician in a male-dominated field – with bright red hair – Connie’s used to being considered a little unusual, but she’s nowhere near as peculiar as Luke, who is recruited to work alongside her on a top-secret code breaking project. Just what is this bizarre sequence they’re studying? It isn’t a solution to the global energy crisis. It isn’t a new wavelength to sell microwave ovens. The numbers are trying to tell them something . . . and it seems only Luke knows what.
The truth is out there. Will Connie dare to find it?
The Christmas Surprise – October 2014
This book includes mouth-watering recipes.

Rosie Hopkins, newly engaged, is looking forward to an exciting year in the little sweetshop she owns and runs, but when fate strikes Rosie and her boyfriend Stephen a terrible blow, threatening everything they hold dear, it’s going to take all their strength and the support of their families and their Lipton friends to hold them together. After all, don’t they say it takes a village to raise a child?
Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend – May 2009
What does an ‘It’ girl do if she loses all her money?

Sophie Chesterton is a girl about town – she knows all the right people, goes to all the right parties and wears all the right clothes, but deep down she suspects that her best friends are actually rather nasty and that her lifestyle doesn’t really amount to much. Her father wants her to make her own way in the world to make him proud, but after one shocking evening her life is changed for ever.

Scraping a living as an assistant to a ‘glamour’ photographer; living in a hovel on the Old Kent Road with four smelly boys; eating baked beans from the can – this is one spectacular fall from grace. Sophie is desperate to get her life back – but does a girl really need diamonds to be happy?

This book is full of warmth and humour.