The Mazarrón Petanca club has organized the II Villa Petanca Tournament de Mazarrón – Couples to the Melé. The tournament will be on December 4 at 4pm on the slopes of the petanca club in the Urbanization “La Cañada ”

The presentation was made by the Councillor for Tourism, Raquel Raja and by Ginés Blaya and José Andreo, President and Secretary of the Petanca Club.

José Andreo, President of the Petanca Club, recalled that the Tournament was will be held on December 4 and will be “A la meelé” 4 for general and 4 prizes for consolation. He commented that registration will be open until the same same day and the people who want to can register on the phone: 679927266.

Registrations cost 10 euros and are for the benefit of the victims of La Palma volcano, and can be made on the day and by telephone at 679 927 277