The plant of the month for March is the Hydrangea Macrophylla – hortensia – which is the most common.

It can grow well in this area with no problem from the frost. It is safe down to -3ºC, but below that it would suffer from the frost, but with a good last winter pruning the problem can be corrected so that the plant does not die. The Hydrangea is very strong and will produce good blooms in spring, being one of the most beautiful plants that we have in our garden, patio or balcony as it can be adapted to the space by pruning. Always remember that the Hydrangea needs shade with lots of light and does not like the strong midday sun, especially in summer. It is necessary to moisten the leaves and should be planted in a good substrata containing peat and fertilizer. It helps to add acidic fertilizer to the plants every 15 days or use Nitrophoska for slow release. The iron chelate is super important when the first yellowing leaves appear. The pruning of the Hydrangea is best after the winter and always remember that the flowers will take on the stems of last year so these should only be cut a little.

Paco and Esther will advise you which are the best plants for your garden.