Humanists of Murcia Last Walk and Easy Walk of the Season

The group of walkers met at The Oasis in Bolnuevo at 9am. Twelve walkers set off along the coast in warm weather. At the cut-through after the first bay, the group split into two for the Easy Walkers to carry on along the track and the remainder went down the hill and across the bay.

“Just two hills, both uphill” said the leader who had forgotten about the descent, where Graham nearly sustained a major injury while helping Sue. There was a brief rest at the Roman Quay where the leader retold the history of the French woman who lived in the cave for years until the authorities closed the coast path to vehicles about 5 years ago.

The walk continued to the palms, a depositor and ground that had been levelled. The leader (why doesn’t he shut up?) explained how the Mazarrón born bullfighter, Diego Garcia Montana, planned to build a large house there. Unfortunately on the way to the bullring in Madrid, he was knocked down by a taxi and died in the local hospital before his ambitious plans could be completed. The family could not agree what to do with the land and after many years of arguments, the plot was appropriated by the municipality.

There was another spilt where the tired golfer, the inappropriate footwear and a couple of lazy people returned along the track. The rest went up the valley to the shrine which was looking good and now is dedicated to sailors.

The walk ended by the beach where a table was set up for cava, orange juice, water and diet coke for the Chief of Police and his wife to toast the season.  Graham thanked the leader and the real leader for their efforts organising the walks through the pandemic. Brunch was taken at the Oasis and 14 people sat at a table and orders were taken by the señora and numbered ‘B1 to B7’ for individual paying. Food was good (might come again and not just for the Friday night music).

Our next event was the traditional Summer Solstice on Tuesday 21st June at 6pm where there was free chicken, courtesy of the Humanists Committee and  a petanca doubles competition and (possibly not so big) Giant Jenga. 

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