Project RDP (Remembrance Day Plaque) has now been completed by a small team of Humanists; Jon, Joan, Annie, Geoff and Audrey.
The original RDP had been sitting peacefully in a park in Mazarrón for 5 years, but 15 months ago it was vandalised. Rather than buy a new one which if replaced, would undoubtedly have been damaged, it was decided to find a venue where it is was likely to be safer. With the help of the Camposol Remembrance Day Committee and Los Palicios Garden & Community Group, a new location was located in the Camposol Remembrance Park.

A new plaque was commissioned and a jacaranda tree was bought. The group of five then set about digging a hole for the tree and watering it until the Garden Group was able provide a supply. A ring of large rocks was then added. Finally, a membrane was laid and 12 bags of white pebbles covered the area. A red bow was added to celebrate the Winter Solstice.

The Winter Solstice was also celebrated at La Barraca Restaurant by a select group of Humanists & walkers to round off the year.

Walking (easy & harder) may start up again once the regulations allow small groups to meet.

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