Last Walk of 2019

Fifteen people went on the last walk at the back of Mazarrón, called ‘The Cemetary Walk’. Joan & Jon did not go on the walk as they were poorly, but Jon came to the meeting point, La Siena, to ask Jim to lead the walk and not to deviate from Jon’s route.  There were 10 walkers from San Juan de los Terreros and 5 from Murcia.

Amazingly, the walk was completed in under 3 hours and Jon had to rush back to La Siena to warn Pepe and his crew who were still having lunch.

Pepe was in fine form and surprised that no-one came from Camposol. The food was good ; five rounds of food and a little wine and beer. Jon thanked everyone for coming and pointed out to the two Mikes that the fountain at the Miner’s roundabout was in full flow. The next walk will be down in the San Juan area.

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